Static sites on Azure Storage now by and large accessible

Today Microsoft are eager to report the general accessibility of static sites on Azure Storage, which is currently accessible in all open cloud locales.

What is a static site?

Static sites allude to sites that can be stacked and served statically from a per-characterized set of records. You would now be able to manufacture a static site utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript records that are facilitated on Azure Storage. Interestingly, on the off chance that you need to have a dynamic site with the ASP.NET, Java, or Node runtime, utilize Azure Web Apps and depend on the runtime to create and serve your web content powerfully.

Static sites can be ground-breaking with the utilization of customer side JavaScript. You can assemble a web application utilizing prevalent systems like React.js and Angular and have it on Azure Blob stockpiling. On the off chance that there is a need to control or process information on the server side, just call the applicable oversaw Azure administration like Azure Cognitive Services or use your very own web server facilitated on Azure Functions.

Get started now

Sky blue Storage makes facilitating of sites simple and cost-effective. When you empower the static site facilitating on your Azure Storage account, a holder named ‘$web’ is consequently made for you. You would then be able to transfer your static substance to this compartment for facilitating. Your substance will be accessible through a web endpoint (i.e., and will get a default page and a 404 page of your decision.

You can empower static site facilitating utilizing the Azure entrance, Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell. On the off chance that you lean toward a guided ordeal, pursue the instructional exercise arrangement on hosting your site on Azure Storage and designing a custom space with a SSL declaration.

An example site – your very own document program for Azure Storage

One situation where you may utilize static site facilitating is to manufacture a site to connect with your information in Azure Storage. You can anchor your information by securing your records by means of RBAC jobs and Azure Active Directory confirmation, and control the information utilizing the Azure JavaScript SDKs. This precedent uses the new Azure Storage SDK for JS to list records in Blob stockpiling and render in a document program in a statically facilitated site. The precedent uses unknown confirmation to communicate with Azure Blob stockpiling, however you can likewise utilize Azure AD verification to confine access to your information.

Get the example on GitHub, and attempt the demo.

There are numerous other use cases for static sites with the present appropriated structures. A typical use is building a serverless application in the cloud and making a front end for it utilizing a static site. Watch our photograph exhibition demo, “Serverless figure models with Azure Blob Storage,” from Ignite 2018, or pursue the instructional exercise, “Build a serverless web application in Azure,” to take in more about building serverless structures fronted with a static site.


There are no extra charges for empowering static sites on Azure Storage. The evaluating for putting away and getting to your information will apply and can be seen on the valuing page. Notwithstanding the capacity costs, information departure charges will apply and are depicted inside the Bandwidth Pricing Details.

Also, you should need to empower Azure CDN to utilize a custom area with a SSL declaration, and making utilization of highlights like custom rework rules. On the off chance that you do as such, Azure CDN charges will apply, and may bring down your expenses relying upon your use design.


Much obliged to you to everybody who took part in the review of the static site highlight. In the up and coming months we intend to make numerous improvements to the element dependent on your criticism. Keep giving input by posting on Azure Feedback.